Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a week!! Nashville Flood of 2010

We were one of the thousands of victims of the Nashville May Day Flood of 2010. Our damage was not catastrophic but we had the first floor flooded, which ruined the carpet and required buckets, pumping, squeegie, etc. to get the water out. We had fabulous volunteers come and help us get 1000 sqft of carpet out and pulled to the curb. Then Servpro came to do the treatments and fans and dehumidifiers. Hopefully there will not be too much damage to belongings and furniture when we start assessing it.

While I have family relatively close, none of them helped us. We thankfully live in East Nashville where volunteers had already organized by the time the rain stopped. We would have been in bad shape without this help. We donated items to their work but it could never repay the assistance they provided to us. Families in my neighborhood lost everything and barely escaped with their lives (rescued by boats). While I am disappointed my family could not help, these volunteers continue to be outstanding in the assistance to strangers.

Finally, happy Mother's Day. My step mom lives here and once they returned from a visit to Florida, they were here helping up clean, sweep, scrape, reorganize, and take to the trash. Cooked us a much-need fresh meal and great company getting us out side the house. There is still a lot of work to do but we are OK and the rest is just stuff. Having hugs and support close makes a huge difference.


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