Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Other Stuff

Boy, did we get snow! It started this morning and still hasn't stopped. It is supposed to snow all night and into tomorrow afternoon. It is beautiful to watch. My Yorkie-poo, Paco, was so funny. I opened the blinds to watch the snow and he stood there transfixed watching it. Then he started barking and growling at the snow falling. Weird dog. I did take him out for a while with his cute sweater on. He did run around a lot and played. We will go out again tomorrow.

In other news, I am getting ready for my first weekend crop next weekend. Friday at 11 I leave to head down to one of our state parks and spend the weekend until Sunday at 2 scrapping and whatever. Never been to one before so I am excited. Not sure how much to bring but I have put a couple of projects together to work on. I will take my Gypsy and hope someone there brings their Cricut. If not, I will design my titles and embellishments and cut them when I get home. Should get home in time for the Super Bowl.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, Nashville is supposed to get snow tomorrow. That means all the schools with close and the city will shut down, and Kroger will be out of milk, bread and eggs. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, it astounds me how unprepared for snow the south is even though we seem to get some every winter.

Haven't done much scrapping lately. I have been fixing up my small scrap room. I got some shelving and storage cubes and started organizing things better and getting everything off my table and chair. I have joined a Stampin' Up club so that is fun. I am trying not to buy any new supplies. I am still on my mission to buy all the Basic Grey collections I can. Of course they announced 4 new collections at the CHA conference last week. I will be looking online for good prices on those when they start shipping. Basic Grey is my favorite designer. I do not generally like the foofoo papers and vintage stuff a lot of designers are putting out. I also love Heidi Grace stuff and glad she has hooked up with Colorbok.

I am going to my first weekend crop next week. So excited but not sure what to expect.

Have fun, y'all!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Updating my Cricut files

I have been working on adding more of my word books done with the Gypsy or Design Studio to my blog. I have also changed where I store the files. I have several word books I did with the Gypsy before they implemented the multiple page files. I need to work on getting those fixed. I created 3 new files that contain the rectangles for word books. There are 3 files - one each for 4, 5, and 6 letter books. You just need to weld a letter and any other shapes you want to the rectangles and the spacing should be fine. Just make sure each letter is 2 inches wide and about 5.6" in height. If you want to have the letter portion shadowed, choose a cartridge font that has the shadow feature. Weld the shadow version to the rectangle and then print each letter again individually in the non-shadow to highlight them on each page.

Please leave a comment if you find these files useful. I love doing the word books and have a bunch them I have created that I can share if there is more interest.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


So, I live in a place that does get snow but not much. Though we have gotten 7 inches in a couple of hours, this was a fluke. We do get ice storms though and those are no fun. As a result, they forecast either a lot of snow and we get none or they forecast none and we get enough to shut down the city (this could be as little at 2"). They shut down schools if snow is predicted.

This week, they predicted 2-4" of snow starting early Thursday morning. All schools were closed Wednesday night. I get up - no snow. It starts snowing around noon and we get enough to shut down the city (maybe 1-1.5"). Friday, the roads are still bad - schools closed again and it snows again. Today it is snowing but little additional accumulation. Crazy for a girl who grew on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio and there was snow from October to March.

Obligatory scrapbook reference - working through my Little Red Scrapbook monthly kits. Eight down and 4 to go.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

My cutie-patootie puppy

This is Paco. He is a 2 year old Yorkie-poo and he is so smart. He rules the roost here, which is funny because we have 2 cats - a 13 YO female (15 pounds) and a 10 YO male (22 pounds). Paco weighs 6.5 pounds. We call him the enforcer. Unfortunately, his momma (me) dresses him up and he doesn't like it much. This is his ladybug Halloween costume.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have been super busy traveling and enjoying time with family. We spent a week in Alabama with my mom, sister and brother. Then we came home and my other brother came up for a few days. It was a great 2 weeks.

And I got so much scrapbooking done. I belonged to a kit club called "Little Red Scrapbook" for a year and had 12 months of kits. I took them and all my supplies down to Alabama with me. My daughter and I did 47 pages over 2 days! My niece, who is 8, is totally into scrapping (thanks to me). I got her 2 8x8 kits for Christmas - one for dogs and one fore cats - so she was busy right with us. It was so much fun.

I have also been busy with the Gypsy. I am working on a word book for a swap happening on the Cricut message boards. It is a beach theme and I am enjoying trying some more complicated designs on my Gypsy.

Here is wishing everyone has a great 2010 and has plenty of time to scrap!