Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Other Stuff

Boy, did we get snow! It started this morning and still hasn't stopped. It is supposed to snow all night and into tomorrow afternoon. It is beautiful to watch. My Yorkie-poo, Paco, was so funny. I opened the blinds to watch the snow and he stood there transfixed watching it. Then he started barking and growling at the snow falling. Weird dog. I did take him out for a while with his cute sweater on. He did run around a lot and played. We will go out again tomorrow.

In other news, I am getting ready for my first weekend crop next weekend. Friday at 11 I leave to head down to one of our state parks and spend the weekend until Sunday at 2 scrapping and whatever. Never been to one before so I am excited. Not sure how much to bring but I have put a couple of projects together to work on. I will take my Gypsy and hope someone there brings their Cricut. If not, I will design my titles and embellishments and cut them when I get home. Should get home in time for the Super Bowl.


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