Sunday, February 15, 2015

I am trying to get this back up and running.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Added 3x3 envelope Gypsy file

You can find it to the right with the Gypsy and DS files.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Love the iPad

I got an iPad yesterday. I am still trying to figure it out but I think it is awesome and so little. I got it mostly for email and browsing but there are so many apps for it, I may fill it up quickly. It is super cute though. I have a leather case for it I will probably embellish.

On another note, I have been working on Christmas cards and holiday gifts for co-workers. I made a Gypsy file for envelopes for 3x3 cards. I like making these cards for people so they have a quick way to send a thank you to someone. I will post it the next time I sync my Gypsy.

I am not going to get an Imagine from Provocraft. I understand the appeal but somehow taking away the fun with patterned paper and figuring out how to arrange patterns is one of the parts I like the best of traditional scrapbooking. I think I will be happy with my Expression and Gypsy for a while.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rescue Dog

Saturday, my daughter and I rescued a dog from an abusive owner. This puppy was left outside on a short lease with no shelter all day despite the temperature. I drove by her in the front yard of her house every day. I stopped a couple of times to make sure she was OK. On Saturday they were trying to give her away on the street because no one was playing with her anymore. I took the dog and all her belongings. She is super sweet, but I knew I couldn't keep her. I think I have found her a forever home, though. Today she got fixed and got all her shots, etc. Here is a picture. Isn't she cute?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

What happened to July

Wow, I have been bad about posting things. Been very busy with work, my daughter graduated from college and is back home, and we are still fighting with FEMA about our May flood damage.

I have been busy scrapping, though. Went to a local Crop for the Cure event and it was a lot of fun and a great fundraiser. Went to my normal monthly Saturday crop and been doing some crafts with my daughter. Somehow the time just runs away.

Some of my fun things were: getting a pink ATG gun, finding and buying too much stuff, starting to scrap my two 2010 trips to Disney World, buying more Cricut cartridges (finally found Meow in the 4th Walmart I tried), and generally busy but can't really account for all the time.

I have been doing a lot of designing on my Gypsy and making more word books. I need to post some of my files.

That is it for now. Oh, and it keeps getting over 100 here in Nashville. I am ready for fall.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Gypsy Files

Just added some new Gypsy files for download (on the right).


What Happened to June?

Things have been crazy and sometimes I just don't think about blogging. Our first floor is mostly back to normal after the flood. The flooring is all tile now. I am done with carpet. We finished baseboards and paint touch-up, moved things around, threw a lot of stuff away, and generally started over. It looks nice.

My daughter graduated from college and is home looking for a job. It is nice to have her back.

We took another trip to Disney in June (me and the kids). We went for the Star Wars Weekends and had a great time though it was soooooo hot and humid. Don't have another trip planned, which is not normal for me. I am thinking about it though.

Getting back into scrapbooking. Was doing a lot of card making for a while. Trying really hard not to go on a spree at WalMart for the new Lite Cricut cartridges.

Things are pretty quiet this summer. I am the only one in the house actually working this summer.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a week!! Nashville Flood of 2010

We were one of the thousands of victims of the Nashville May Day Flood of 2010. Our damage was not catastrophic but we had the first floor flooded, which ruined the carpet and required buckets, pumping, squeegie, etc. to get the water out. We had fabulous volunteers come and help us get 1000 sqft of carpet out and pulled to the curb. Then Servpro came to do the treatments and fans and dehumidifiers. Hopefully there will not be too much damage to belongings and furniture when we start assessing it.

While I have family relatively close, none of them helped us. We thankfully live in East Nashville where volunteers had already organized by the time the rain stopped. We would have been in bad shape without this help. We donated items to their work but it could never repay the assistance they provided to us. Families in my neighborhood lost everything and barely escaped with their lives (rescued by boats). While I am disappointed my family could not help, these volunteers continue to be outstanding in the assistance to strangers.

Finally, happy Mother's Day. My step mom lives here and once they returned from a visit to Florida, they were here helping up clean, sweep, scrape, reorganize, and take to the trash. Cooked us a much-need fresh meal and great company getting us out side the house. There is still a lot of work to do but we are OK and the rest is just stuff. Having hugs and support close makes a huge difference.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

MPS NSD Challenge #9

This challenge was to create a shape project.