Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Disney - day 5

Today was a crazy day.

We started out going to Hollywood Studios. It is a short walk from the Boardwalk but we went out the wrong door so it was a looooong walk. We got there a bit after opening and went straight to the Fastpass for Toy Story. Next we went on the Aerosmith Coaster with a 10 minute wait. Next was the American Idol Experience. It is neat - they try to make it feel like you are really there during a taping. The 3 singers were so-s0. After that, we went on the Great Movie Ride - one of my personal favorites. Lunch was at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. This place is so much fun and the food is awesome. After lunch, we did the Little Mermaid show and then it was time for our Toy Story ride. Adam had never done it before so I whooped him but we had fun. We didn't really feel like doing anything else at the Studios so we took the bus to the Animal Kingdom.

It was supposed to be warm today but it was cloudy and breezy so it was actually quite nice. We got there just in time to run to the Nemo Musical. This is one of the best shows at Disney IMHO. It is fabulous. Next was a 20 minute wait to ride Everest and then a jolt over to the Kilimanjaro Safari before it closed. Lots of animals out - including the lion waiting for his dinner.

Our dinner reservation was at Kouzzina - Cat Cora's new restaurant at the Boardwalk. We had a 6:40 seating and it was about right. I found only one thing on the menu I would eat - flank steak and potatoes. Adam got the veal shank and brussel sprouts. Our service was HORRIBLE. The guy was not good at all and couldn't answer any questions. He was so slow. My steak was over cooked and weirdly seasoned. I ate about half of it. The potatoes were good but they were just sauteed redskins. Adam said his meal was good. We didn't get any appetizer or dessert or drinks other than soft drinks. Our bill was $55 before tax and tip. The restaurant is nothing special but our service was bad. All the entrees were between $20 and $30 with one side. Everything else was extra. Just getting dinner we were there over an hour. We didn't even look at the dessert menu. On our way out, we were asked by a family if it was good. We told them about our wait and the so-so food and service and sent them to the Flying Fish instead. So, I would say, could be $$$$ but not necessarily depending on what you order. Server was bad. Bread was awesome...

Best meal of the trip was definitely Narcoossa's at the grand Floridian.

Tomorrow is 80% chance of rain so we are going scrapbook shopping around Orlando and who knows what.


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